Wisdom Meets Technology (WMT)

It's never too late to learn.


Wisdom Meets Technology (WMT) provides a fun and interactive computer literacy classes for senior citizens that are small with individualized assistance to maximize learning. Classes allow the seniors a unique learning experience by providing a comprehension driven, rather than a time driven environment.

Learning is enhanced when seniors are encouraged and allow to learn at their own pace.  At the completion of the class, students will be able to navigate the Internet, read and open emails, open and send email attachments, compose, edit, save and retrieve Microsoft Word documents.  

Target Audience:    All Senior Citizens

Number of Participants:   Maximum 8

Class Objectives:

  • Knowing Your Computer
  • Microsoft Word Document Microsoft Word Attachments
  • How to Establish an Email Account
  • Email Basics
  • Opening Attachments
  • Email Finishing touches
  • Emails Drafts and Retrievals
  • Internet Searches
  • What Can Google Do
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Basics
  • Youtube Basics         


How can you volunteer with wmt?

Computer Buddy

  • Answer phone calls from seniors seeking help with their computer lessons
  • Address their basic concerns and questions
  • Use screen sharing, when necessary

Please indicate "Computer Buddy" in the Subject line when completing the form below. 

Onsite trainer

  • Teach seniors computer skills, email and basic word processing.
  • Address their basic concerns and questions onsite

Please indicate "Onsite Trainer" in the Subject line when completing the form below.

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What Seniors are saying about WMT….

Eleanor Jean Dowdy peered at the computer screen as she hesitantly tapped at the keyboard. “I didn’t know one thing about any of this, but I really like it,” the 73 year old Sanford, North Carolina resident said. Dowdy took advantage of the new community computer class training classes to senior citizens.

“The class was really helpful and I learned a lot. I really enjoyed it”, said Helen McDowell.

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