Our Work

ALIA is proud of the work that we offer through our organizations and partners.


Wisdom Meets Technology (WMT) provides technology training classes specifically designed for senior citizens with limited or no computer experience. To ensure that seniors receive maximum learning opportunities,  classes are comprehension driven versus time driven. At the completion of the training modules, students will be able to navigate the internet, read and open emails, open and send email attachments, compose, edit, save and retrieve Microsoft Word documents.  Click Here for more information


Brown paper bags filled with socks, candy bars, snacks and words of hope and encouragement delivered to homeless shelter in Woodbridge, Virginia during the overnight stay months of November through March. Each year the shelter opens around the middle of November and closes around the beginning of April.  People do not live there full-time, rather, it’s a place to stay out of the cold for a night. They are expected to leave after  breakfast and can return in the afternoon for another nights stay.  A clean pair of socks and some candy or snacks may not seem like much to us, but to those at the shelter, it is indeed just a little bit of hope in a brown paper bag.


Many families around the country and locally are having a hard time making ends meet.  Even getting a small meal together every day can sometimes be challenging.  Reach 2 Feed provides an opportunity to a help needy families have a meal. Commit to help at least one family and then spread the word to 2 other people and ask them to do the same.   The concept is simple and it works! Together we are helping the needy have nutritious and balanced meals.


The mission of Business Battle Buddy is to help veteran-owned small businesses understand how to successfully navigate through the government contracting process.  Free services are available to Veterans, Service-Disabled Veterans, Reservists, National Guard Members, and Active Duty business owners and start-up entrepreneurs.

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